About Us

KLOKOL was founded in 2011 by Jacky Huang—an owner of cell phone accessories stall but enthusiast in offer best Bluetooth device since the Bluetooth things is more and more popular. What started with a simple running Bluetooth headphones from workshop where has only four employees included three of his families has grown into an admired high quality company.


From wall charger and phone case to Bluetooth headphones and wireless earbuds, everything KLOKOL do is geared to help people improve their life style. We believe that our value of the existence is to bring things that you like, therefore, our slogan is KLOKOL, as you wish. 


Thanks to the loyal and passionate supporter. They humble and inspire us every day, which help us see ourselves in an full-new way—and fires us up to keep creating the most awesome, innovative products possible.


The company is located in Shenzhen City and has a large-scale production base with a floor area of 5,000 square meters. It has advanced production equipment and six production lines. The number of employees is stable and there are 250 employees. Our experienced R&D team can provide regularly updated bags of different materials and various accessories.


With 10 years of experience in this field, our QC auditors conduct rigorous inspections to ensure that our products meet a variety of standards and your requirements. In addition, we care about the safety of our products. Therefore, we inspect the raw materials and finished products through laboratory inspection offices such as SGS to ensure that our products meet safety standards.

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